Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nice Girls.

The Pipettes
came to Birmingham and as i am pretty much obsessed with them i thought i should go along.

It was a good gig. The support band we're The Hot Puppies I liked them they've got some good songs and they're a nice bunch.

I met Bertie and Beckie afterwards I had a nice chat with Bertie turns out he likes musicals and costume dramas.

Then came The Pipettes they we're wonderful as usual. They played a good lively set to keep us dancing with a few new songs thrown in for good measure. The girls seemed to enjoy it as much as the audience at one point i think Becki shed a tear because of our wonderful Birmingham Audience participation.

I met the girls again afterwards you know me and the Pipettes were like that *crosses fingers*.

Boy in uniform was the encore to the delight of many.

The picture is from a nice man called Justin Evans who kindly let me use his photography because i didn't take a camera with me.

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Justin Evans said...

Hey I think I just got it.. This one goes up to eleven is from Spinal Tap yeah?