Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ah it's been a while since I last posted anything on here I'm pretty lazy with this whole blog thing but I find it hard to come up with anything to write about and it's not like anyone reads this anyway. Recently I've been listening to alot of swedish music. They really do know how to make good pop music in Sweden I guess it comes from the whole ABBA heritage and we know how everyone loves ABBA!
So I made a swedish playlist in my itunes and here is a few choice tunes from that very playlist:


goodbyestockholm said...

Swedish bands are the best. I mean 70-80% of what I listen to is Swedish. Check out Zeigeist, u might like them! Nice blog btw´´=)

C said...

Jag trodde att du var svensk men då hade jag väl fel?.

Try "David & the Citizens"

Ida said...

I urge you to check out Broder Daniel, Niccokick, Bad Cash Quartet, Johnossi, Daniel Gilbert, Silverbullit, Popsicle and Brainpool (this is only what I came up with off the top of my head).

Perhaps it's a little pointless to recommend music with Swedish lyrics to a brit, but however: Hästpojken, Kent and Bob Hund are all big faves of mine.

BTW: Paula Bruna, who sings on Yours To Keep, had a solo album out years ago called Stockcity Girl, I guess it was cute and electro-popish. I just thought you might want to check up on that as well.