Friday, October 27, 2006

Gig Season.

I love this time of the year not because of all those nice coloured leaves and fireworks but this is when all the tour dates and tickets get released. I like being able to look through the listings of my local venues to find all my favorite bands have scheduled to play at them. Its nice to pick and choose my night out in advance and I've got a nice idea of what I'm doing til febuary.

So here's my plans for the next few months if you're at all interested in my life and some music if you're not.

17.11.2006: The Holloways - Barfly Birmingham. The Holloways - Generator
22.11.2006: Albert Hammond Jr - Birmingham Carling Academy 2. Albert Hammond Jr - Everyone Gets a Star
26.11.2006: Good Shoes - Birmingham Bar Academy. Good Shoes - In The City
30.11.2006: The Hot Puppies - Medicine Bar in The Custard Factory. The Hot Puppies - The Party
07.12.2006: Yeti - Barfly Birmingham. Yeti - Never Loose Your Sense Of Wonder
10.12.2006: Black Wire - Wolverhampton Little Civic. Black Wire - Hard To Love Easy To Lay
10.02.2007: Bloc Party - Birmingham Carling Academy. Bloc Party - Song For Clay

Looks like i better find something to do in January.

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