Tuesday, October 10, 2006

John Peel Day.

12th October 2006.

Radio 1 celebrate John Peel's last broadcast for the station before his death in 2004 by broadcasting live music from around the country and encouraging local bands and members of the public to put on gigs to celebrate the life of a very special DJ.

John Peel really was an amazing man with a phenomenal music taste and a passion for live music. He inspired masses of people without actually making his own music, something very few people in the world can say they've achieved. He lived a rich and full life and developed a wonderfully diverse music collection that i am proud to have had an insight to through his radio show. So thats why John Peel day is all about, celebrating live music as John Peel would of loved so I'm doing my bit to encourage you to go to a gig on the 12th of October and remember the great man with a great taste in music.
This is a good listen - Radio 4 link

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